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Maria Câmpina, White Magic Queen of Romania

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White Magic Queen of Romania, Maria Câmpina has received the title of queen of the late Ion Ţugui parapsychologist who was at the station Tele7abc and specialists from many parapsychologists after 1989. Since then, has been crowned the undisputed queen of White Magic in Romania.
Maria Câmpina was basic Health of Ceauşescu family. Two months before the execution of Ceauşescu, he predicted her tarot cards death that will happen bloodshed but it was believed, although history has amply demonstrated foresight Maria Câmpina.
He participated in many competitions and press conferences. In a very important competition, attended by over 80 healing and clairvoyant Maria Câmpina won first prize and has since remained the undisputed leader of witches in Romania.
With six daughters, Sidonia, Aurelia, Sultana, Sunita, Mirela, Lisabona and Amalia, solve any problems of the people.

Contact: 0723.899909, 021.6676516
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